Social Cohesion is Everyone’s Business!

Cohesia’s mission is to strengthen social cohesion across Canada.

On January 30th, Dialogue NB became Cohesia: a leader in social cohesion in Canada.

AREDI for Organizations

EDIAR for Organizations

Foster social cohesion in your organization through EDI, Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression.

Public Dialogues

Public Dialogues

Get informed and have your voice heard on social cohesion issues in Canada.



Learn about the state of social cohesion in Canada.

Quick Organizational Assessment Tool

Quick Organizational Assessment Tool

A free tool to measure the level of your organization, identify your areas of improvement, and build your Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Anti-racism and Anti-oppression strategy based on your real needs.

In the Spotlight

Podcast - Looking Forward
Podcast – Looking Forward

Created by Tiger Levi and Desmond Simon, two youth from Elsipotog First Nation, this podcast series takes you on a journey to meet young Indigenous leaders in New Brunswick. Listen to their stories, and with them, imagine a better social cohesion in Canada!

Guest: Talon Simon, founder and CEO of the clothing brand Rez Famous


Public Dialogue: 2023 Black History Month
Early March, 2023

Blog Posts

Blog: Culture Change
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EDI and Anti-Racism – The Importance of Measuring “What You Got”

Organizations and societies are realizing, some perhaps late in the game, the importance of measurements…

Blog: Success Formula
Why Leaders and EDI Specialists Should Know About the Success Formula to Tackle EDI Challenges in the Workplace

Organizations have realized an equitable, diverse and inclusive workplace culture would bring employee engagement…

Public Dialogues: Our Last Reports

Public Dialogue Report: Health Care
Public Dialogue Report: Consent

Testimonies, key figures, actions, projects, solutions… Find the essence of our dialogues in our summary reports.

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