It’s time to rethink the system for victims of racism!

To all New Brunswickers,


It is not without emotion that we have learned of a case that goes against the very principles of human rights.

For several months now, a teacher in New Brunswick has been living in unspeakable distress. Years of harassment based on racism have cost him his job. His case is currently being examined by the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission. But the procedure promises to be long and even more trying for this man, who has been weakened by racist acts and comments made in the course of his work, and who is in a difficult financial situation since he has no income at the moment.

This case, far from being unique in New Brunswick and more broadly in Canada, is in our opinion the last straw. It reflects the limits of a system that, under the pretext of being egalitarian, is not fair. Today, in order to be heard, victims of racism must show a lot of courage and patience. But as they find themselves thrown into complex and time-consuming processes, their state of emotional and/or physical fragility due to trauma does not allow them to face the situation with serenity.

As a committed organization, we defend the voices of oppressed people. We hereby wish to express our desire to see a system redesigned to be truly equitable. It is important that victims of racism have a voice and be heard. This is the sine qua non of a society based on freedom, not fear. It is the basis for strong social cohesion. It is also important that their case be processed quickly: their post-traumatic reconstruction depends on it.

With this cry from the heart, we wish to alert you to this systemic issue. Racism is everyone’s business: in the face of the situation of this teacher and of all the victims of racism in Canada, we cannot stand idly by. It is time to put equity at the heart of the system!

Jason Alcorn
Board Chair of Cohesia


Marie-Christine Pierre
Vice Chair of Cohesia


Nadine Duguay-Lemay
CEO of Cohesia


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