Contest Rules

Official Rules for Cohesia Contests

(“Cohesia” or “We” or “Us”) on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube


Organizer: Cohesia, whose head office is located at La Place – 200 Champlain St. – Suite 210, Dieppe, NB, Canada, New Brunswick.

Cohesia’s contests are free and without obligation of purchase.

By taking part in Cohesia’s contests, the participants will be able to enter the draw allowing one or more of them to win one or more prizes, the nature of which is indicated in the dedicated publications on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and/or Youtube.

It is specified that the Cohesia Competitions are developed and managed by Cohesia to the exclusion of any sponsorship or intervention of the companies Facebook®, Youtube, Instagram, and Linkedin, which only ensure the hosting of the Cohesia Competitions within their Platforms.

The present document is the rules of the Cohesia Competitions, hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”. They may be supplemented and/or modified at any time during the duration of each Game, by any additional clause which will come into force by the sole fact of its publication online by Cohesia.

Any person is deemed to have read, understood and accepted, without reservation, the Rules in their entirety, and in particular the article relating to personal data, as soon as he/she accesses and registers for one of the Competitions organized by Cohesia.

All the above-mentioned documents are made available and accessible to any user and participant during the duration of the Games. They are requested to make a backup copy and/or print all the above-mentioned texts in order to be able to refer to them, if necessary.

Article 1: Conditions of access


Participation in the Cohesia competitions is open to any person meeting the cumulative conditions below:

(i) a natural person of legal age,

(ii) having an Internet access and a valid personal e-mail address,

(iii) residing in Canada (or in a particular province, which is stipulated in the text of the game broadcast on social media),

(iv) have a Facebook® and/or Youtube and/or Instagram, and/or Linkedin account and are accessing the Contest Game during the time period indicated in the relevant game publications, at the following addresses


Cohesia | Facebook

Cohesia (@CohesiaEDI) / Twitter

Cohesia (@cohesiaedi) – Instagram photos and videos

Cohesia – YouTube

Cohesia will proceed within the limits of the means at its disposal, to the verification of the respect of these criteria. In the event that one of these criteria is not met, the registration to the Contest cannot be validated.


Participation in the Contest is limited to one entry in the draw as detailed in Article 2 below.


Employees of Cohesia and members of their immediate family or persons living with them may not participate in the contests organized by Cohesia. “Immediate family” refers to the participant’s mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter and spouse (including common-law spouse), whether or not they live with them. Groups, clubs, organizations, businesses and commercial and non-commercial entities are not eligible to enter the Contest.

In the event of a dispute, the entry will be deemed to be linked to the Facebook account holder whose name and mailing address was originally sent via private message. The sole determinant of the time of entry will be the date of the Facebook message.

Article 2: Participation


The Contest is open to anyone who meets all of the conditions mentioned in Article 1.1 above, excluding any person mentioned in Article 1.3.

In order to enter the draw and attempt to win the prize as described in Article 3.1, all participants must have:

  • followed the detailed participation instructions in the dedicated publications.
  • read, understood and accepted without reservation the Rules of the Game available on the website of Cohesia (link mentioned in the dedicated publications).

Registration for the draw is only effective after these steps have been completed.

It is understood that each participant undertakes to reveal correct information about him or herself. Cohesia declines all responsibility in the case where a participant would use false names and/or first names associated with a valid e-mail address, or even would usurp the identity of a third party.


Participation in the Contest Game is carried out exclusively by electronic means on the Facebook® Platform and/or on the Youtube Platform, and/or on the Instagram Platform, and/or on the Linkedin Platform, and/or on the Twitter Platform of Cohesia, the draw being carried out among the participants registered for the Contest Game.

Any participation in the Competition on plain paper or in any other form is excluded.


Participation in the Competitions will be valid only if the information required by Cohesia is complete and correct.

Any entries made using incorrect or falsified information or via counterfeit or falsified forms will automatically forfeit any right to obtain any winning prize.


Each participant agrees to comply with the Rules. Any failure by the Participant to comply with the Rules, and in particular any fraud, abuse, or cheating on his part, may result in his exclusion from the Game by decision of Cohesia.

In addition, in the event of abuse or cheating by one or more participants, Cohesia reserves the right to modify or terminate the Contest without prior notice, in particular when the integrity of the Contest is called into question.


All participants agree to be bound by these rules to the terms of use of Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and to respect the decisions of Cohesia. Cohesia reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any person who violates these rules, as well as the terms of use of Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and the terms applicable to the Facebook Pages, Youtube Channel, Instagram Account, Twitter Account and Linkedin page. Cohesia is not responsible if a participant’s account is suspended by Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin due to a violation of the Facebook/Youtube/Instagram/Twitter/Linkedin Terms of Use and the terms applicable to the Facebook Channel Youtube, Instagram Account, Twitter Account and Linkedin Page. The said participant is then disqualified from any contest sponsored by Cohesia.

Article 3: Determination of the winner – delivery of the prizes

3.1. Prizes

The winner(s) will be determined by drawing lots among the participants via Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, or Linkedin (depending on the page/account/channel hosting the contest). He/she will win the prize(s) indicated in the dedicated publication available on the Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, or Linkedin Platforms (depending on the page/account/channel hosting the contest).

Participants will not be entitled to any compensation or consideration whatsoever in the event of cancellation or loss. The prize(s) offered may not be contested in any way, nor may the cash equivalent be returned, nor may it be exchanged or replaced for any reason whatsoever by Cohesia. If circumstances so require, Cohesia reserves the right to replace the prize(s) with another prize(s) of equivalent value.

The selection of prizes for each contest is at the sole discretion of Cohesia.

The prize(s) are announced prior to the start of each contest on Cohesia’s Facebook account, Cohesia’s Linkedin page, Cohesia’s Twitter account and/or Cohesia’s Instagram account The prize(s) will be shipped via standard mail to the confirmed winners at the address they provide. Prizes must be accepted as awarded. Prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash. There will be no correspondence or communication by telephone except with selected entrants and confirmed winners.

3.2. Determination of Winner(s)

The winner(s) will be determined by a random draw to be held on the date mentioned in the dedicated publication, from the database of persons registered for the draws.

3.3 Information of the winner(s) / awarding of prizes

Selected entrants will be required to contact Cohesia via email ( or “private messages” via Cohesia’s Facebook-Messenger account to confirm their eligibility and provide their contact information (first and last name, email address and mailing address). Each winner has up to seven days to contact Cohesia (via a private message on Facebook for example, and meet all the requirements of the contest). If the message is not received within the prescribed time, the prize may be cancelled and given to another participant.

Article 4: Modification / termination of the competition


Cohesia reserves the right to shorten, extend, modify or cancel the Contest in the event of a case of force majeure which would make it impossible to continue the Contest in accordance with the provisions of the Rules and in particular in the event of malfunction of the Internet network (whether due to a virus or not), the Platform or any other problem related to networks, means and (tele)communication services, computers (online or offline), servers, Internet access and/or hosting providers, computer equipment or software, data or databases.


In the event that such a cancellation, modification, extension or reduction of the duration of the Contest should occur, Cohesia undertakes to notify the participants by e-mail and/or by publication on the Platform via the dedicated application and, where applicable, to inform them of the new rules applicable or the new closing date of the Contest.

In the event of a modification of the present Rules with regard to the above, the continuation of the Contest by the registered participants will be considered as acceptance of the modifications made, each participant having the possibility to unsubscribe from the Contest by contacting Cohesia.


In the event of modification of the conditions of the Contest, cancellation, interruption or reduction of the duration of the Contest, Cohesia cannot be held responsible and participants cannot claim any compensation, which they accept.


Each participant agrees that Cohesia may terminate the Contest or make changes to it at any time in the event that Cohesia becomes aware of a large number of abuses and cheating, whether during registration for the Contest or during the Contest itself.

The cancellation or modification of the Contest will be communicated to the participants by publication on the Platform or by any other means that Cohesia deems appropriate.

Article 5 : Exoneration and limitation of liability

Cohesia shall not be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, whatever the cause, origin, nature or consequences, even if it has been advised of the possibility of such damages, caused by reason of:

(i) a malfunction of the Internet network or computer equipment, including the Platform and the application (hardware and/or software and/or databases and/or data) of a Participant or of any person or company linked to the organization of the Contest or, more generally, of any other problem related to the networks, means and services of (tele)communications, computers (online or offline), servers, Internet access and/or hosting providers, computer equipment or software, databases and data of any person ;

(ii) the truthfulness of the information given by the Participant, and that he/she could not validly consider as not complying with the provisions of these rules and the Conditions of Use with regard to the information and means in his/her possession

(iii) any manufacturing defect, breakdown or other malfunction, the compliance of the prizes with the standards to which they may be subject or the safety of use of the prizes offered (under normal conditions of use) which are not its own products.

Cohesia declines all responsibility for damage caused by events beyond its control, resulting from the use of the prize, or from the performance of a supplier.

Cohesia is not responsible for late, lost, incomplete, irregular or misdirected comments or emails, nor for technical problems or failures of any computer, online site or telephone, nor for any human error that may occur. If for any reason the Contest is not capable of running as planned, or if more prizes are awarded than planned due to viruses, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, or technical failures of any kind, Cohesia may, subject to the approval of the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux, cancel, modify or suspend the applicable Contest.

Article 6: Participation fees

Cohesia’s contests are free of charge and without obligation to purchase.

The Rules are made available to participants free of charge on the Platforms dedicated to the Game.

For participants accessing the Contest via a modem and using a telephone line billed according to the time spent – i.e. excluding cable, ADSL or specialized connection subscriptions and packages including or offering communication costs – the costs of connection to the site incurred for participation in the Contest will not be reimbursed to participants.

Article 7: Dispute

In the event of a dispute or claim concerning one or more Contest(s) for any reason whatsoever, requests must be made in writing to the attention of Cohesia by mail to the address mentioned in the preamble, during the duration of the Contest and within a maximum of sixty (60) days after the winners have been designated.

In the event of a dispute or claim concerning the prizes awarded, requests must be made in writing to the attention of Cohesia, by e-mail to or by mail to the address mentioned in the preamble within seven (7) days after receipt of the prize confirmation.

Each participant undertakes, in the event of any difficulty that may arise concerning the application or interpretation of the Rules, to seek an amicable solution from Cohesia prior to any legal action against the latter.

In the event that no amicable solution is found between the participant(s) and Cohesia, any dispute arising from these Rules shall be submitted to the ordinary courts of Canada.

Article 8: Personal data

In the event that a registration form accompanies the Contest, the participant is informed that all of the information requested in the Contest registration form is mandatory, and mentioned as such, and that failure to answer these questions by the participant will prohibit him/her from participating in the Contest.

The participation information collected by Cohesia becomes the property of Cohesia and will be used only to administer contests on Facebook/Youtube.

The collected data are strictly necessary for the good realization of the Game. Any use for purposes other than those set out in these Rules must be expressly authorized by the participant. By participating in the Game, the participant accepts the Rules and the collection of said data. The data will be deleted within 3 months of the end of the Contest, unless the participant expressly agrees otherwise.

By accepting a prize, winners agree that their name, entry photo, profile photo, comments or any likeness may be used for advertising or promotional purposes without further compensation.

Consequently, the collected data are transmitted only to Cohesia, and to its organizing partner if there is one.

Any participant has the right to access, rectify, block and delete data concerning him/her by contacting Cohesia directly by e-mail at or by mail at the address mentioned in the preamble.

It is specified in this respect that any request for deletion of this data by any means whatsoever during the duration of the Contest may result in the cancellation of the registration to the Contest.

In the event that the participant expressly indicates his/her wish to receive the Cohesia Newsletter, the data transmitted will be collected for the purposes of surveys, analyses or in the context of various operations by Cohesia.

Article 9: Electronic evidence agreement

Cohesia may take advantage, in particular for the purposes of proof of any act, fact or omission, of programs, data, files, recordings, operations and other elements of a nature or in a computer or electronic format or medium, established, received or kept directly or indirectly by it or the participants, except in the case of abuse or obvious error. Participants agree not to contest the admissibility, validity or probative value of the aforementioned elements in computer or electronic format or medium. Thus, the elements considered constitute evidence and, if they are produced as means of proof by Cohesia in any litigation or other proceedings, they will be admissible and opposable between the parties in the same way, under the same conditions and with the same probative force as any document which would be established, received or kept in writing.

Article 10: Filing of the rules

The present rules are deposited in French and English versions with the services of Cohesia and are available free of charge in the dedicated application. The decisions of Cohesia are final and binding in all matters relating to the contest and the awarding of prizes. These rules shall prevail and govern the contests offered by Cohesia on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter. This Contest is void where prohibited by law and is subject to all federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations. The Contest is governed by the laws of the Province of New Brunswick and the federal laws of Canada applicable therein.