Every donation counts

Your donation opens up possibilities for more and more people to be trained and become enlightened actors of social cohesion in Canada. We count on you!

Your Impact

Donations of any size help us to strengthen social cohesion in Canada in every way possible. We are then able to develop research programs, respond to community information needs through quality public dialogues, train youth to become champions of social cohesion, expand our Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression training offerings, and spread the word about our actions to inspire even more people. In this way, thanks to you, we are creating awareness, dialogue and action for greater social cohesion across Canada.

Individual Donation

Make a donation, whenever you want! By supporting Cohesia, you act concretely so that each person feels heard, valued and that they belong in Canada.

Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Donations

You can also choose to automate your donation! Whether you decide to give weekly, monthly or annually, your donations will provide us with a reliable source of income and allow Cohesia to make long-term commitments to reach our goals.

All funds will be given to the development of our actions, with the goal of strengthening social cohesion in Canada. Thanks to you, we will be able to:

Conducting extensive research into the needs of communities across Canada;

To develop our programs, services, tools and initiatives by making them part of the pan-Canadian reality and by adapting them to the specificities and expectations of each region, each territory and each community;

Promote our services and actions across Canada through responsible communication…

Please note that Cohesia is not a charitable organization.
Therefore, we cannot issue charitable receipts for tax purposes.