Dialogue NB has become Cohesia

On January 30, 2023, Dialogue NB became Cohesia, a federal non-profit organization and national leader in social cohesion. Its new name reflects the expansion of its vision: “A Canada where every person feels heard, valued and at home.”



Why the name Cohesia?

The name Cohesia is a fusion of the words “Cohesion” and “Canada”. The name “Cohesia” reflects our mandate to strengthen social cohesion across the country.

Why did Dialogue NB become Cohesia?

There are many indicators that social cohesion in Canada is eroding, amplified by the pandemic. Because of these indicators, we need more than ever organizations dedicated to strengthening social cohesion in the broadest sense for Canada. We are ready to share our experience, as well as the tools, services, products and programs we have developed in recent years.

Will you continue to work for social cohesion in NB?

Of course we are! We will continue to listen to the social cohesion needs of New Brunswick and will continue to expand our work in the province.

What is your strategy for deploying your actions at the national level?

Cohesia will draw on the lessons learned and experience of Dialogue NB to develop its programs, services, tools and initiatives, while keeping them in line with the pan-Canadian reality and adapting them to the specificities and expectations of each region, each territory and each community. To do this, we will conduct extensive research to learn about the needs of the communities.

What happened to the staff and board members of Dialogue NB and its social enterprise?

All are now working under the Cohesia banner.
The 11 directors of Dialogue NB and the 3 recently added directors from outside New Brunswick are the founding members and will form the Board of Directors of Cohesia.

What happens to Dialogue NB programs and initiatives?

A selection of Dialogue NB’s services and programs that meet identified needs will be retained and adapted to the pan-Canadian realities by Cohesia. Our offer will be gradually expanded in the coming months.

Will you still be offering Anti-Racism, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (AREDI) and Anti-Oppression products and services to organizations?

Of course we do! We continue to offer AREDI awareness, measurement and process products and services to develop and foster social cohesion in the workplace (organizational assessments, workshops and training programs, expertise and advice to organizations).