Online Courses

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Online Courses

Learn at your own pace and make sparks fly!

Our self-paced online training modules provide individuals, teams, and leaders with access to relevant content developed by subject matter experts on key topics related to AREDI and Anti-oppression. Cohesia offers you the ability to learn on your own time, from the comfort of your home or office.

EDIAR Fundamentals


Take the extra step and become a certified Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Anti-Racism, and Anti-Oppression ambassador in your organization. The EDIAR Fundamentals program will take you through all online courses, in which you will develop the basic skills and knowledge to foster social cohesion.

Each online course is $249 + taxes per learner. A 10% administrative fee will apply.

The online courses take approximately 6 hours to complete. You have up to 42 days to complete a full course.

The online courses are asynchronous. This means that each learner can proceed as his or her own pace.

Available Courses

EDI, Anti-Racism, and Anti-Oppression Training

This training is designed to enhance your employees’ knowledge in order to address inappropriate behavior and create a diverse workforce.

Combating Hate & Extremism

In this training, you will learn to understand what is hate and extremism, their impact, how to identify them in model scenarios, and the solutions that can be implemented to counter their effects in the environment.

Building Inclusive Workplaces and Practices

This online training will focus on tools to recognize, articulate, understand, examine, challenge, and change workplace practices with the lens of using curiosity, collaboration, and conversation.


“Before taking this course, i thought i knew eveything to know about diversity and inclusion. However, i defienitly learn a lot from this course. I really enjoyed learning about diversity dimensions as well as how important it is to be a leader that can create an inclusive envrinment. I also learn that inclusion is a personal responsibility. I know that there is a lot to be worked on to continue to build safe workplaces. I am willing to do my part in accomplishing that goal”.

Participate in our special interactive workshops

If your organization needs more of an interactive experience with other people and subject-matter experts, why not try the special workshops? You will be able to take it up to the next level to foster a sense of belonging amongst the employees of any organization, guided by other leaders’ experiences and knowledge of experts who studied similar topics. Show your team that you want to make a change!