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The Barriers We Face: Newcomers and the Financial Markets

When immigrants arrive in Canada, they face many financial challenges. From opening a bank account to using a credit card, from buying a house to paying for insurance, the nuances of Canadian markets can be difficult to navigate. Newcomers rely on industry professionals to assist them in the many stages of financial decision-making. The ability of industry professionals to understand and respond to newcomers’ challenges is critical to reducing barriers, building confidence in the financial and consumer markets, and developing a sense of belonging.

The public dialogue, “The Barriers We Face: Newcomers and the Financial Markets”, will provide institutions, organizations and industry professionals with an objective view of the challenges immigrants face when navigating New Brunswick’s financial and consumer services. Join Cohesia, in collaboration with The Financial and Consumer Services Commission of New Brunswick, on May 31, 2023, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., to hear from newcomers and industry experts as they share their knowledge and experiences of immigrating to and working with newcomers in New Brunswick.

A series of 8 public dialogues by Cohesia, presented by the Canadian Race Relations Foundation and the Fondation communautaire de la Péninsule Acadienne.

In 2020, Canadian police services reported 2,669 hate crime incidents, the highest number since 2009. This number is just the tip of the iceberg. It leaves in its wake many individuals who have been physically and psychologically abused. Some for the color of their skin. Others for their religion. Others for their gender identity or their sexual orientation… These are only a few examples, but the excuses are legion when it comes to stigmatizing differences.

Public Dialogues

Our Public Dialogues

As an organization whose mandate is to strengthen social cohesion in Canada, we are committed to providing support and a platform, especially to those whose voices are not heard.

At Cohesia, we also believe in the power of each individual, if well informed, to positively impact their immediate environment, workplace and community.
Through our public dialogues, we bring a diversity of perspectives to the table, providing all the information and clarification necessary to understand complex issues. We engage in reflection, encourage dialogue, and give the public the keys to building a Canada where everyone feels heard, valued and at home.

The Public Dialogues we organize are designed to provide all the information and clarification necessary to understand complex issues. Each panel is carefully constituted to reflect as much as possible the socio-demographic diversity of New Brunswick’s population and to address the issues surrounding the theme from different perspectives.

Proposed in a virtual format, in a friendly and participative atmosphere, they are recorded and shared live on Zoom, as well as on Cohesia’s social platforms (Facebook and Youtube). At the same time, we relay the quotes and key information live on Twitter.

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Note: All reports and video recordings of the public dialogues held under the banner of Dialogue NB (the organization that preceded the creation of Cohesia) were transferred to Cohesia in January 2023. We have kept them as is, without changing the text or graphics.

Health Care

How to Improve Access to Health Care in New Brunswick – Geographic Perspectives
October 20, 2022

Public dialogue organized in partnership with the Fondation Communautaire de la Péninsule Acadienne


The urgent need to denounce and move to collective action – Views, Experiences and Ways Forward
May 09, 2022

Public Dialogue organized in partnership with Université de Moncton

Systemic Racism and Mental Health

How does systemic racism impact mental health?
February 25, 2022

Public Dialogue organized as part of Black History Month

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David Burton

David Burton

Regional Director General, Atlantic Canadian Heritage

“Nadine did an excellent job of managing the panel, and the feedback from the panelists was very rich. It was a very strong panel, with a great diversity of experience. And the quote you shared (“Diversity is a fact. Equity is a choice. Inclusion is an action. Belonging is an outcome.”) was extremely powerful – I thank you very much.”

Meghan McDermott

Meghan McDermott

Lawyer for the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association

“It was a real pleasure to be a part of the discussion and it lifted my spirits to be amongst others trying to make our communities more inclusive and democratic. I am very grateful that you are taking the initiative to lead a continued sharing of knowledge and best practices. Thanks again for finding us and solidifying a network!”

Joe Mihevc

Joe Mihevc

Former city councillor for the City of York and the City of Toronto

“It was an impressive group and a strong conversation.”

Ariane Juneau-Godin

Ariane Juneau-Godin

First Nation Relations Advisor / Cultural Diversity and Relations / Educational Services (francophone) / Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

“Wow! Thanks to you! It wasn’t an obvious subject to tack, and I’m very aware of that, but you did it with great sensitivity and skill. Well done to the whole team!”

Taha Maarous

Taha Maarous

Candidate for Dieppe Councillor at Large
Local Government Election – New Brunswick – 2021

“Thanks to you for the great initiative. Hope to see it in other municipalities as well.”

Laura Reinsborough

Laura Reinsborough

Candidate for the Horizon Health Network
Local Government Elections – New Brunswick – 2021

“It was a pleasure! Thank you for the interesting discussion! The event was very well organized and positive! Thank you!”

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Canadian Race Relations Foundation