To engage all residents of Canada through knowledge to become actors and ambassadors of social cohesion.

Social Cohesia RADAR

Social Cohesia Radar

Based on the model presented by the Bertelsmann-Stiftung Institute, the Social Cohesion Radar measures the following three dimensions of a socially cohesive society: social relations, sense of belonging and focus on the common good. It provides the framework for our actions.

Social Cohesion Indicators

The indicators for measuring social cohesion are numerous and vary from one model to another. Although each model of social cohesion distinguishes several types of indicators according to their domain, we have chosen to classify the most relevant ones into four categories.

Political Indicators

  • Voting levels
  • Representivity of elected officials and government officials
  • Participation in municipal meetings and local assemblies
  • Levels of trust in the government and government agents

Social Indicators

  • Perceptions of belonging
  • Levels of volunteerism, memberships in community organizations, and charitable donations
  • Access to housing
  • Access to healthcare
  • Intergenerational fairness
  • Access to education and professional training

Economical Indicators

  • Social mobility and equality
  • Income inequality
  • Satisfaction with living standards and attitudes towards the future
  • Levels of access to basic services

Cultural Indicators

  • Level of preconceptions and prejudices about others
  • Perceptions of prejudice and discrimination against self
  • Existence of means of resolving conflicts between groups
  • Access to art and culture
  • Representation of various identities n culture and media

Feasibility Study

In keeping with our commitment, this week we are launching a feasibility study for the New Brunswick voluntary sector. 

Feasibility Study

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