Our Staff

Cohesia is a diversity of talents who together put their expertise, their innovative ideas, and their communicative energy at the service of a better social cohesion throughout Canada.

Nadine Duguay-Lemay

Nadine Duguay-Lemay (She/Her)

Chief Executive Officer

Joanne Owuor

Joanne Owuor (She/Her)

Director of Organizational Development

Éric Melanson

Éric Melanson (He/Him)

Digital Marketing Strategist

Florence Gouton

Florence Gouton (She/Her)

Director of Communications and Partnerships

Teri McMackin

Teri McMackin (She/Her)

Coordinator of Community and Executive Engagement

Gaetan Michaud

Gaetan Michaud (He/Him)

Training Program Coordinator

Lyne Paquet

Lyne Paquet (She/Her)

Director of Finance

Tiger Levi

Tiger Levi (He/Him)

Community Development Agent

The Volunteers Behind The Scenes

Before every strong team, there is a group of dedicated people that take some of their own time to make it all happen.